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Rach (Heart of Rachel)

There are so many interesting festivals in the country that I have yet to witness. Thanks for sharing.


So many people in the same t-shirt in the last photo.


such a wonderful series of shots such vibrant colors


Nice pictures. I love the colors.


Les cuivres à l'honneur :)

Ashish Sidapara

Lovely vibrant atmosphere, beautiful series.


Superb culture pictures!!!


It is amazing how people find time to participate in the celebration. Almost looks like a town fiesta :)

The 3rd shot from the top looks lovely.

dodong flores

I like the first photo for the blue sky and the third photo for the band majorette :)


Love the festival atmosphere Sidney very good pictoral story.

Gérard Méry

Pour La Naval de Manila en mini-jupe je veux bien !

luna miranda

that's a nice relief of the patron saint. i also like the angle of your top photo.:D


wow, those filipinos guards look so cool! nice wall carvings too!


good looking majorette :-)


The cadets forming a human barricade... I wonder if it felt comfortable for them holding hands like that for extended periods of time.

John Maslowski

Lovely series of shots each one is beautifully composed in it's own unique fashion. Great colors and atmosphere.


Je reste un peu dubitatif devant tant de ferveur religieuse...


I could only witness this kind of colourful parade if it's Fasching here in DE in February.There you get them almost every month errr,every week?:D

Beautiful shots as usual.Love the blue & yellow color contrast of the first shot!Very nice!

Photo Cache

Oh this is a big fiesta. I would love to pay my respects to the virgin.


Very candid snaps- you've captured the feel and atmosphere perfectly. Great colors as well.

Craig Wilson

Love the vibrant atmosphere in these images! Nice colours.


Great set of photos! It's difficult ot catch the most candid moments, and you did an excellent job here!


Nice angle! And I like the band photo.

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